Karissa N. Arca | Neurologist Physician in america

Karissa N. Arca Karissa N. Arca | Neurologist Physician in america

Karissa N. Arca, MD, is a neurologist physician in Scottsdale, AZ, specializing in neurology (mind & spinal twine illness). Karissa went to Loma Linda College of Drugs and bought her diploma in 2015. She has seven years of working expertise as a physician. The Mayo Clinic is the place Karissa Arca, MD, works.

Do You Know the Specialty of Karissa N. Arca?

Karissa N. Arca is an expert in his Neurologists area. Neurologists are these docs who diagnose and deal with issues with the mind, spinal twine, nerves, muscle groups, and the a part of the nervous system that controls the center, lungs, and different organs with out the particular person’s acutely aware management. They assist individuals who have complications, strokes, dementia, seizures, epilepsy, a number of sclerosis, sleep problems, and ailments of the nerves and muscle groups. creativeyedesign

Is Karissa N. Arca Serving to Folks and Educating them?

Dr. Karissa N. Arca is very within the ways in which complications and autonomic problems are linked. Dr. Arca does plenty of scientific work, however she additionally does analysis and teaches. She teaches a course on neuroscience on the Mayo Clinic Alix College of Drugs and offers further classes to medical college students whereas they’re doing their scientific clerkships.

Do You Know About Karissa N. Arca’s Schooling?

Mayo Clinic School of Drugs, Headache Fellowship, Neurology Applications in Arizona, Mayo College of Graduate Medical Schooling. tokopediaweb


Neurology Residency Program, Neurology, Applications in Arizona, Mayo Clinic School of Drugs, Mayo College of Graduate Medical Schooling.

Chief Resident:

Mind and Nervous System.

Is Karissa N. Arca Get Any Certificates In her Medical Historical past?

Karissa N. Arca will get a certificates from the American Board of Neurology and Psychiatry.

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Prizes and Awards:

Manfred D. Muenter Award for Medical Neurology Excellence. Award for New Frontiers in Headache Analysis. Scholarships to attend the American Headache Society’s Worldwide Headache Academy and Resident Schooling Program. 2nd Place Poster Presentation at Mayo Clinic Educational Excellence Day.

Do You Know Something About Karissa N. Arca’s Publications?

Overview of what neuroimaging can inform us about migraines with aura:

Summary Purpose: 

To study extra concerning the function and usefulness of various scientific and analysis neuroimaging modalities for evaluating migraine aura (MA) and hemiplegic migraine in the course of the ictal and interictal phases.

Background: A number of sclerosis is outlined by neurological signs that may go away and is considered an indication of a main situation. Due to this, most individuals with MA don’t want imaging. However neuroimaging could also be used to test for secondary situations if there are uncommon indicators or signs or if it’s the first time the situation has been seen. 

What Form of Data Neuroimaging Instruments are Choose?

Neuroimaging makes use of plenty of completely different instruments, and it’s vital to consider what sort of data these instruments are selecting up (i.e., structural vs. practical). Imaging abnormalities might be seen each throughout (ictal) and between (interracial) MA assaults, and it’s important for clinicians to know the way neuroimaging findings in migraine with aura (MWA) differ from these in different situations.


We checked out all of the papers in PubMed that talked about MWA and neuroimaging. Magnetic resonance imaging, positron-emission tomography, single photon emission computed tomography, practical magnetic resonance imaging, and migraine with aura had been a few of the search phrases used. We seemed up these references by hand to assist us with our subsequent literature assessment.


Acute MS might be linked to reversible cortical diffusion restriction, cortical venous engorgement, and a “biphasic” change from hypo perfusion to hyperperfusion. More often than not, what’s seen on an MRI throughout an MA covers multiple vascular territory. Between assaults, a mind scan of an individual with MWA can present white matter abnormalities and “infarct-like lesions” which are much like these of an individual with migraine with out aura. Imaging strategies like volumetric evaluation and practical imaging have proven that migraines with aura are completely different in some methods.

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Despite the fact that migraine is a scientific analysis, understanding the neuroimaging findings in MWA might help docs determine what the imaging outcomes imply and provides higher care to sufferers.

Abstract of a Individual’s life:

Dr. Karissa N. Arca is a specialist in autonomic and headache neurology as a neurologist. Her focus within the clinic is on:

Analysis of the illness and therapy of autonomic nervous system problems

What does Autonomic Reflex Screening imply?

Analysis and therapy of advanced headache problems, together with those who happen with autonomic problems

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