Excessive cell phone use could trigger the brain tumor?

An employee of Telecom, after falling ill, he got an annuity for his occupational disease. It would seem that the excessive phone use has caused a neuroma brain.

Cerebral Neuroma: Guilt cell phone usage?

The employee of Telecom, suffering from acoustic neuroma brain, used for at least 3 hours a day from the cell 15 consecutive years. Because he used for work-related reasons, the court Ivrea related the use of the device at brain tumor, recognizing an annuity. The judges, in fact, have established that the electromagnetic waves of the mobile phone may have caused a carcinogenic effect.

The Professor Diego Serraino, facility manager of Cancer Epidemiology of the Cro of Aviano, has stated that there is a causal relationship, but the tumor from which the patient is suffering is very rare and the use of such an intensive phone could have triggered it.

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Electromagnetic fields are carcinogenic

The phones they produce electromagnetic fields considered dangerous to humans, being part of the group 2B, leading to considerably develop a brain tumor called glioma. Del 2B group belong those substances and those agents kept under observation, which currently are considered carcinogenic “probable”, while the group 2A, are part of the carcinogenic elements considered “certain”. One group, for example, also belongs to the coffee.

If the employee of Telecom, both the duration and the amount of time you spend on the phone triggered a brain tumor. The subject spent many hours on the phone in the car, in the office, at home, for most of the day, for over 15 years. Given the fact that the person used the device mostly for business, you may consider the professional disease. However it is not comparable to the use he does in his private life each individual. Alluring teens wall crosser in accidental lesbian fucking with horny border officer Super Hot Mandy Shows Us What Shes Got And Shes Still Got Plenty Blonde teen Lily Rader gets punished by boyfriends big dick Horny officer picked up an undocumented immigrant Two horny schoolgirls sharing the teachers cock Close up view of lesbian pussy pleasure A Dodgeball Where Youll Get Naked And Expected To Fuck Amazing Afternoon Hookup with Mom Agreeable milf gets a doggy position fucking Samantha Saint, Jayden Cole, Shyla Jennings and masturbation with a dildo Monique Symone Gets Picked Up And By W fuck pornjk.com

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Hints and tips to follow when you frequently use the phone

Here are some steps you can take to avoid getting sick …

  • It would be better not to dwell too much in phone calls, because the ear lobe and the auditory nerve has become overheated, causing degeneration and chronic diseases such as neuritis.
  • It should reduce hours of exposure to the phone, using ear during phone calls and giving priority to the text messages.
  • Another tip to follow is to never sleep with the phone next to the pillow.

The tumors of the brain and nervous system, however, have a very low incidence statistics, with a world of randomness 3-4 episodes per 100,000 inhabitants per year.

However, a low risk, in this case, has a different meaning, because all over the world are about 5 billion people who use mobile phones on a daily basis. The mobile phones of the first generation benefiting from higher frequencies compared to the current ones and not all of them possessed and used it as now. Also, if you do not know much about the subject.

It is good to use the phone for short calls, therefore, favoring face-to-face meetings or, if not possible, favoring text messages.

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